Behold the lifeblood of The Legend of Robert Redd™. These color combinations appear repeatedly, in various forms, throughout Robert Redd’s journals and miscellanea. Here, we’ve distilled them to their essences for your exploratory enjoyment, so that they may serve as portals to Robert Redd’s life and times.

Violet_Robin Twilight_Tomato Twilight_White Twilight_Sun Twilight_Salmon Twilight_Maize Antiguan_GGG Tahitian_Brilliant Tangerine_Robin Tomato_Blue Tomato Twilight_012 Twilight_Highland Twilight_Blue Slate_White SlateGreen_Robin Slate_Beige Sky_Robin Sky_Lilac Sky Shocking_Tangerine Robin_White Salmon Salmon_Robin Salmon_White Sea_Kelly Shocking_Kelly Robin Powder_Robin Plum_Lilac Piper_White_Tomato Piper_Maize_Twilight Peach_White Peach_SoftPeach Kelly Kelly_Lilac Limeaide_White Navy_Tomato Navy Navy_White Coral Chocolate_Ocean Cloud_Tangerine Capri_White Blue_White Blue_Sun Beaulieu White