Kelly Green / Lilac

Kelly_LilacFrom Redd’s journal: “Hit the Old Course green again with partner-in-crime Walter Hagen, after an evening of excessive libations that lasted far past our bedtime and still haven’t worn off, truth be told. Not quite playing to the best of our abilities, we mostly bragged our way through the course, trying to one-up each other’s outrageous anecdotes. Walter claims that, after being refused entrance to a clubhouse dressing room due to his status as a professional golfer, he hired a Rolls Royce in which to change. It seemed like a hilarious waste to me, and I told him so. ‘But why not?’ he retorted. ‘You’re only here for a short visit, Robert,’ he said. ‘Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.’ He reached over and plucked a lilac from a bush adjoining the fairway. ‘Case in point,’ he said, lifting it to his nose.”