Leadership Team

Robert R. Matheson, Founder and CEO
Mr. Matheson is the creative visionary behind Robert Redd® and the REDD® brand.  A seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Matheson launched Robert Redd, LLC, taking full advantage of his prior success in creative brand development, marketing, and corporate positioning.  He created the Robert Redd concept, serves as the Chief Creative Officer and manages all aspects of marketing, design, manufacturing and distribution for the company.  Mr. Matheson shares many of the values and principles espoused by the literary Robert Redd—first and foremost, a unique penchant for identifying and seizing opportunities, and doing so with the smile and the confidence of a man who’s done it before.


Katherine W. Buxton, Vice President of Strategy
Mrs. Buxton advises Mr. Matheson on strategic business development for Robert Redd, LLC, calling on more than a dozen years of experience in the fashion industry including work on behalf of Old Navy, Lilly Pulitzer, L’Oreal, Keds, and her own women’s accessory retail company, MARKA.  A graduate of Georgetown University and Stanford Business School, Mrs. Buxton has been instrumental in the evolution of the family brand concept and product line growth within the Robert Redd® brand.