Plum / Lilac

Plum_LilacFrom Redd’s Journal: “At home in the Virginia countryside and seated in seclusion beneath the lilac tree, Lady Redd and I enjoyed a delightful summer picnic in the early afternoon: buttermilk scones, deep purple plum preserves, and a bottle of sweet plum wine for the two of us. The warm summer breeze rustled the lilacs in bloom overhead, sending their fragrance wafting through the air. ‘I cannot imagine a more perfect pairing,’ Lady said, spreading plum preserves on a warm scone.

I swirled the wine in my glass, watching the sunlight catch its lucent, violet hues. With a languorous sip, I turned to my Lady and replied, ‘Now that you mention it, the plums and the lilacs do go well together, don’t they?’

‘Oh, Robert,’ she started, patient and yet visibly exasperated, ‘I was referring to the two of us.’

I laughed, downed the remainder of my glass and placed my arm around her tender shoulder. ‘My dear, I was joking,’ I said. ‘And I couldn’t agree more.’

Nice recovery, Redd.”