Slate Blue / Beige

Slate_BeigeJanuary 15, 1951. Kenya, Africa. “Today marks the third week of Lady Redd and I on safari in Kenya. Touring the beige savannah on horseback, riding under a slate-colored sky. Upon our return to the Treetops Hotel, we received word of King George’s death, and the ascendancy of Princess Elizabeth, who is at this very moment among the hotel’s guests, to the throne of England. With her coronation imminent, it is unfortunately unlikely that the Princess, Prince Philip and their entourage will travel to Australia and New Zealand as planned.

I have it on good authority from Baron Charteris of Amisfield, personal secretary and attendant to the new Queen, that when he asked her what she would select to be her Regnal name, she promptly answered: “Elizabeth, of course.” There is no doubt in my mind that England’s new monarch will live up to the legendary standard set by the Queen who previously bore that name.”