Sticky Situations

shirttailsRobert Redd’s reputation as a kind and honest man has never been in question. However, even a man with such a renowned reputation must use tact in a creative manner from time to time.

As the Robert Redd documents and materials are verified, the Sticky Situations in which our champion oft found himself will be retold here on this very website in good time. In Robert Redd’s recently discovered memoirs, there seems to be no end to another amusing story or adventure where Redd was forced to use wit, wisdom or wallet to weave his way out of trouble.

The adjacent image was discovered with the rest of the materials from behind the portrait of Redd. This watercolor depicts Robert Redd making his escape from a horde of ladies (wearing what appears to be a REDD shirt; and only a REDD shirt) . . . The artist remains a mystery like so many other details to the Legend of Robert Redd; Could it have been a family member or Robert Redd himself? Doubtful, but one thing is clear, he or she, had a great talent for rendering the humorous escapades and clever escape tactics of Robert Redd.

Please continue to return as more adventures are uncovered and recorded. If you would like to write us about your own sticky situations (while with or without your REDD shirt), please write to:

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