Tahitian Blue / Brilliant Green

Tahitian_BrilliantTahiti, 1897: “One wouldn’t think a sojourn in the tropics could be made any sweeter, yet through a mutual acquaintance, I’ve had the benefit of a weekend’s stay with none other than Paul Gauguin. He allowed me to watch him paint during a late Saturday afternoon, both of us utterly absorbed in his subject, a gorgeous Tahitian model. Casting the scene in vibrant hues, Tahitian Blue against the brilliant green of the palm trees, Gauguin saturated the canvas with broad brush strokes, and meanwhile I sat by, content to watch the master as my margarita worked its magic on me. ‘By God,’ I said, surveying the scene, ‘the view from where I’m sitting is incredible.’

Gauguin smiled knowingly, with a nod toward the native lady, a seductive smile spreading across her face. ‘Indeed, monsieur,” he said. ‘And the scenery is not so bad either, no?’”