Twilight / Highland Green

Twilight_HighlandFrom Redd’s Journal: “Oh Robert,” my newly betrothed Lady Redd beckoned in a seductively playful voice, “would you like to take a walk with me in the twilight?” It was the first stop on our honeymoon: the Scottish Highlands to the east of the Isle of Sky, the Kyle of Lochalsh and Plockton: the land of my forefathers. Amidst the charming backdrop of tumbling green hills and Munros, I knew something—or rather, someone—would be tumbling soon as well. “Absolutely, darling,” I answered, preparing myself for a little newlywed fun, “a walk is just the thing—” But as I took to the outdoors, I was stunned to stillness. Lady Redd’s sultry silhouette was surrounded by the most glorious highland green scenery, and perfectly exaggerated by the blue of twilight’s setting sun. “Just as the day I’d met her,” thought I, “the same twilight, mixed with the highland green of our honeymoon’s beginning—the most positively romantic combination.”

It was not until later, when we were nearly discovered in the bushes near Duncraig Castle, that I realized my assessment had proven most correct.