White / Tomato

Piper_White_Tomato“After a delicious lunch of tomato and mozzarella, Lady Redd kindly offered to drop me at the Club on her way to tea at the Plaza. I had a lesson scheduled with the great Pierre Etchebaster—the current tennis world champion. We rolled the windows of our roadster all the way down, inviting in the crisp, autumn air of New York City as we drove up Park Avenue. I thanked God for the cool weather that surrounded my remarkably elegant lady that morning. Wearing a brilliant, tomato colored blouse, Lady Redd looked just as ravishing as the day we met. Naturally, tennis was not the only game on my mind. ‘Thank you darling,’ I said, giving my lady a kiss goodbye. I opened the door and proceeded inside through the central arch.

Etchebaster was already waiting for me in the gallery of the East Court, upright and ready in a leather chair. ‘Allo Monsieur Rouge,’ he said with a smile. ‘Good morning, Pierre,’ I responded tactfully, but my mind quickly darted back to that hot tomato I just left on the mean streets of New York. I almost wanted to spin round and see if I could catch her. Of course, that would be bad form.

At five-all in the third set (thanks to the handicap), I was to receive a game ball, with chase better than three yards. Etchebaster, master of a brilliant serve, delivered a sharply spinning, strategically bouncing ball. As it came sliding off the penthouse, I approached with my racquet ready, able to strike it perfectly, sending the ball slicing across court towards last gallery, for a perfect second bounce at one yard. I had won the chase. Pierre stared in approval and slyly pronounced that with my stroke, the ball ‘eez quit zee ‘ot tomato, non?’ I appreciated his compliment, but to be perfectly honest, the only hot tomato I wanted was that stunning Lady Redd.

Perhaps I will always remember the impeccable day I ‘played up’ against Pierre, winning chases, and where the combination of white and brilliant tomato red live on…”