A Family Brand

A Family Brand

I started Robert Redd as a family brand. The initial product offering was a Gentlemen's shirt called "The Charles." Soon we added a boys shirt called "The Charley." The Father-Son pairing really expanded our consumer base and grew the brand through our customers and their families.

My inspiration for creating a family brand, however, was always close to home for me. For is it is my father, Charles T. Matheson, who has without question been my biggest inspiration in life. And with respect to Robert Redd and other endeavors I have pursued, he has been my most significant supporter too. 

My father has supported me emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically and professionally. He is the great hand behind much of the creative power and source of my ability to present the full Legend of Robert Redd.

When I set out to create the brand in 2002, it was my father created the original Robert Redd mark (more on the mark in a future post). It was my father who introduced me to George MacDonald Fraser and his great works, such as Flashman and its protagonist (or antagonist), Sir. Harry Flashman. It was my father (with my mother) who brought me up on Heathfield Farm in The Plains, Virginia, where I was most influenced by the gentleman farmer lifestyle. It was my father who fox hunted, drove coaches, painted, wrote books, traveled the world, taught architecture in Venice, corresponded with great thinkers and who's library and offices were filled with books and articles. He is the definition of a Renaissance Man.

The Legend of Robert Redd is about a man and his influence on others through his great adventures. The Legend is really that. A legend. But the man?  Well, that is a different story, altogether...

So, with that, I introduce you to Charles T. Matheson.

Here's to you with future adventures in mind...



Robert R. Matheson - Founder & Creator of Robert Redd

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