Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed. I am pretty sure they are born, not developed. But "necessity is the mother of invention," they say, and out of necessity plenty of people have invented something or achieved something they didn't originally think they could. I know this happens all the time, but with respect to the entrepreneur, it is the age old question of Nurture vs. Nature.

Entrepreneurs tend to throw themselves headlong into something... They will jump off a cliff when everyone else around them is saying or screaming, "stop!"

My sister once told me of an attorney who relayed that analogy to her when she was asking him about my frame of mind. Afterwards, she told me that she understood me better.

Are we crazy? No. We are determined. The leap is a leap of faith for sure... however, what a wonderful and exciting way to live. Why? Well, I'll tell you why- it is in my nature. And thankfully it was also nurtured in me.

The entrepreneur is no stranger to nay-sayers, ridicule and other arguably negative (sometimes back-handed) commentary, all in the name of constructive criticism.

It seems the most successful entrepreneurs learn to rise above these reasonably innocent attempts at knocking them down. And maybe more accurately, the entrepreneur remains teachable and learns from these sometimes challenging moments/interactions. The successful ones seem to have many "failures" under their belts before they have the huge win!

Over the last year, as I was preparing for the relaunch of Robert Redd, I met with many people. Investors (past and future), advisors, competitors, family and friends. And the first few questions in response to my pitch were, "Why will it work this time?" Or less abrasively, "what is different about Robert Redd today?"

Most entrepreneurs are successful later in life. It's rare that one is hugely successful before the age of 40, but we always hear about these unicorn stories of the young savvy university dropout who made it happen or who was plucked from obscurity to be the golden child of the moment. There are many others who had great advisors, or huge amounts of cash at their disposal (a wealthy parent or step-father or uncle or grandfather) who paved the way for their exit strategy. In many cases it is relationships. In all cases it is determination and something more.

It takes amazing vision, focus, discipline, passion, perseverance, faith and positivity to see something through from scratch (especially if you are starting with little to no funding). The fact is, thoughts are powerful. The thoughts I have on a daily basis determine my reality. Thoughts like, am I living in the solution or the problem? Am I thinking negatively or positively? 

I know the answer for me is to be in the present moment (in the now), enjoy the process, sometimes it is just a design challenge looking for a solution. Positivity wins the day, and most importantly (here's the advice):

"Think from the end to create reality. The world is clay, our imagination is the potter. What's done flows from what's imagined."

These are the amazing words of Neville Goddard.

It's all downstream from your thoughts... So make sure your thoughts are the wellspring of positivity and power! 

Why is Robert Redd different this time? While I have stayed true to my vision and beliefs about the brand and the Legend of Robert Redd, I have changed everything else about how I run the business. The business is all new. A new corporate structure and a new business plan. The product is all pre-order (limited to no inventories to speak of), we have reoccurring revenue (thanks completely to the faith that each subscriber has in us to deliver quality products and services), I have streamlined the entire process, bootstrapped the entire development, not raised any outside capital at all and maybe, most importantly, taught myself to do most of the technical aspects of the business. 

Why will it work this time? This time is different because of my attitude. I have changed, I have grown, I accepted complete responsibility for my mistakes and errors in the past and I have committed myself to be a better, more disciplined person, especially as a founder and CEO. This time is different, because I believe it is. I have a vision, I have a great team that is hardworking, I have a plan, I am executing on that plan everyday and following the path forward, undaunted and not fearful of a pivot or a hurdle.

I am always moving forward, always extending and spreading unconditional love. That is the secret if there is one and I am very grateful. Living with an attitude of gratitude! This is the flow of my thoughts today.

Robert Redd is different this time, because I am different this time. Why is Robert Redd successful? Because I am successful!

All of this is to say, that our true success is made possibly by your generosity, feedback, engagement and support.

Thank you for participating in this journey. As the founder, as a member of the Robert Redd team, I can say with 100% certainty how grateful we all are to have your support and positivity!

Thank you!

Here's to you with future adventures in mind...



Robert R. Matheson - Founder & Creator of Robert Redd

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