Full Moon

Full Moon

In the Legend of Robert Redd, the full moon plays a major part. As a matter of fact, Robert Redd was born at sea under a full moon. But the moon's influence and all things related to the moon are more than just about Redd's birth.

In the honor of tonight's full moon (February 9, 2020), I want to express complete gratitude for all cosmic and universal power of the moon - the gravitational pull of the moon on the physical world and the immense emotional pull of the moon on the mental world - to assist in manifestations and wishes of the human condition.

In Robert Redd's life (1877-1969), the phrase, "Yeah, that will happen when a man is on the moon..." was often used as a way of discounting or nay-saying his dreams and wishes. If you think about it, clearly the phrase had been uttered since the beginning of time.

So, in Robert Redd's case, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, all of his wishes and dreams came true. In large part, because Robert knew how to get it done. And at the very end of his life, a life of getting things done with great regularity, he was comfortably sitting in his library watching his television and Neal Armstrong was setting foot on the lunar surface. Robert was accompanied by his wife, the lovey and loyal Lady Redd...when all of a sudden, Armstrong announced "That's one small step, one giant leap for mankind" and in that moment Robert Redd realized his work on this planet was done. And with that realization, he passed...He died knowing at that moment that every nay-sayer he'd ever encountered was now 100% wrong! That was immensely satisfying to man who reveled in proving that he got it done.

My own journey is not too dissimilar. It's so important to see it through, to dream, to imagine, to seeing those wishes/feelings/visions fulfilled. That is how you get it done. The relaunch of Robert Redd is a great example of a wish fulfilled. The manifestation and creative force behind Robert Redd is enormous. And I hope that you enjoy what we have created.

And on this full moon weekend, I got it done! 

Welcome to a new chapter in the a great love story, the new Robert Redd website and the continued adventures of the Legend of Robert Redd!

Here's to you with future adventures in mind...



Robert R. Matheson - Founder & Creator of Robert Redd

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