February 22, 2020

The third of the palindrome days of February 2020.

1. 02/02/2020 = 02022020

2. 02/11/20 = 021120

3. 02/22/20 = 022220

02/20 An auspicious month. An auspicious year. An auspicious date. An auspicious day!

Today is the birthday of both George Washington and Ruth Buchanan. My grandmother, Ruth Buchanan was born in 1918 and passed away last November 19, 2019.

I miss my grandmother very much, but so grateful that I had so much time with her on this earth. She was an inspiration to me and many others. Grandma, was very supportive of me personally, but also enjoyed my endeavors and passion for Robert Redd. She gave me much advice in her lifetime, but one saying in particular, I will never forget: "Smile and the world smiles with you."

Before she passed, I had the honor of relaying to her that I was relaunching Robert Redd and moving forward on my dreams and vision for my future. And I believe, she is helping me from the great beyond in conquering and achieving my goals. She watches over me and many others from the heavens and sits with and communicates with other loved ones who have gone beyond. She is in great company and she loves unconditionally and eternally.

As mentioned above, it was also on this extraordinary date and very divine number of 22, that our great American forefather and first President, George Washington was born. In tribute to this great American, I desire to share the first President's Rules of Civility,

There are 110 Rules of Civility and while all of them are absolutely worth noting and living buy, it is Rule 110 that I love and want to share with you:

RULE NO. 110

Labour to keep alive in your Breast that Little Spark of Ce[les]tial fire Called Conscience.

This is truly a driving force for me and I pray I am manifesting through this little spark in my chest, the further development and expansion of my consciousness, of the Legend of Robert Redd...and beyond.

Washington's Rules of Civility from the Mount Vernon website:

Here's to you with future adventures in mind...



Robert R. Matheson - Founder & Creator of Robert Redd

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