Two days into the new Robert Redd website launch...

I knew from the success of our Christmas Eve email that we have some very kind and visionary customers who will support Robert Redd. That one email generated multiple subscribers on a single subscription page and landing page for a website.

So it stood to reason that we might have a great response if we invested a little time, effort and energy into a new site that was far more robust, with great technological tools. The most sophisticated I have ever seen. And that is saying something, because in my first career, I was a co-founder twice of two different technology companies in the late 90's through the Dot.Com days.

I believed that we had a great strategy for the first weekend of Robert Redd live! and I have been proven right.

Day one, we had a couple of sales, which was very positive (a little friends and family love) and then the technical glitches started. We adjusted and up early the next day to run a larger email campaign for day two. 

Day two, we had awesome sales and the majority came from customers that I didn't know personally. This made me feel fantastic! Then the technical issues again...

For day three we will be organizing and strategizing for the week ahead and again we have great confidence in our technology, the team and most important of all our great and loyal customers.

The technology that we are employing from the website platform, to the email service provider, to the other apps and add-on services really make Robert Redd more of a technology company than an apparel brand or even a consumer products company.

That said, everyone knows that I am creating a Media Product Brand...So, just you be patient, the best is yet to come.

Technology in the hands of very creative and focused people is really a wonderful thing to behold. Hope you enjoy what we bring to you going forward.

Here's to you with future adventures in mind...



Robert R. Matheson - Founder & Creator of Robert Redd

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