Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat

Today is another auspicious date in the month of February 2020. 

2020 is an amazing year already.

In part because this Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rat. My birth year was 1972, also the year of the Rat. So, it holds that this is my year! For a whole host of reasons.

Today's date however is interesting: February 11, 2020 or 02/11/20 = 021120.

A second palindrome in the month...with one more coming on the 22nd. George Washington's birthday and my own grandmother's birthday to boot. My grandmother, Ruth H. Buchanan passed away this past November at 101 years old. She was truly one of a kind. In my life I have only met a handful of women who reminded me of her. One in particular, more on that later.

As this is the Year of the Rat, I plan on knocking it out of the park and with Robert Redd returning that is happening every day. I have a lot to prove and I have lot of work to do, but I am going to get it done and you are getting it done with me. 

More announcements about Robert Redd are soon to come. So stay tuned as we weave and sew this amazing adventure into one of the most exciting brands and companies on the planet.

Again, we cannot do it with out you. We are so grateful and honored to have you with us on this journey. 

Here's to you with future adventures in mind...



Robert R. Matheson - Founder & Creator of Robert Redd

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