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As a Member, you'll enjoy unique content and have the ability to preorder limited editions of the Robert Redd and Lady Redd shirts. You will also receive the occasional promotion of our new and existing products and services.

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As a Subscriber, we will provide you with exclusive content, products, and pricing for you and your whole family. For a nominal annual fee, you will receive an enormous cost savings on all of our products and services.

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As a Media Subscriber, you will receive all the benefits as the previous level of membership, plus exclusive access to the newest and latest Robert Redd art and media offerings.

Heritage Subscriber
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As a Heritage Subscriber, you will receive all the benefits as the previous level of membership, plus quarterly Robert Redd curated box with products from Robert Redd and other heritage partners.

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As a Legendary Subscriber, you will receive all the benefits as the previous level of membership, plus co-creative credit and exclusive access to all Robert Redd events and offerings.

What can I expect as A Subscriber

Robert Redd is a hybrid subscription membership platform/program.  When you become a subscription member, you gain access to exclusive offerings and pricing on limited-edition and numbered products and services.

The platform offers you regular touch points to connect with the brand and personalize your experience.

Eventually, additional membership levels will be added to include monthly delivery of storied treasures.

In the meantime, we will bring you a fresh collection of limited-edition products and experiences that have been curated or personalized by you for your enjoyment.

The story of these products is told through a keepsake booklet to help you discover what they are all about.

What does my membership include?

Robert Redd offers you a great adventure in products, services and content. As a member, you can customize the frequency of your interactions with the brand.  As our product offering and partner network grows, you'll gain access to exclusive fashions, foods, tools, toys, accessories, and art that are worthy of your ownership.

Each offering reflects an area of your personal interest.

Subscription members receive preferred pricing from Robert Redd and other curated and co-branded brands.  We will bring you unique offerings, VIP access to private experiences, and exclusive access to future Robert Redd events.

What does preorder mean?

Robert Redd products are currently in production.  When you preorder a Robert Redd product (apparel, accessories, art, etc.), you are gaining access to limited-edition items in advance of their public release.  Many of these items will be offered to members exclusively.

After you complete your transaction, you will be provided with an email that indicates the timeframe in which you will be receiving your item(s).  

In the future, Robert Redd will be holding inventory of items.

Am I able to Cancel?

To cancel, please log in to your customer account.

You can choose to edit your subscription membership, including cancel.

Cancelling your subscription will cancel the next renewal. If you have a prepaid subscription, we will continue to deliver any remaining shipments in your plan unless you notify us otherwise at

Any refunds offered will be net of the amount for the items that have already shipped.