The Man

Robert Redd is rumored to have gone in search of adventure.  Through the recently uncovered memoirs it is revealed that Redd may, in fact, have encountered many a fine lady in China, India, Egypt, England, France and across the roaring high seas in South America- to name a few locations. Without divulging too many details (for the study of these materials has only just begun, and admittedly the dates seem a bit…shifty), it might also be said that Redd found inspiration with the most notorious French Madams of Europe. There are other perspectives to be considered as well; from Lady Redd his immortal beloved to Wasser his trusty Valet. They are all represented in these manuscripts and therein lies the challenge to determine the true Legend of Robert Redd™.

Of the man and the Legend this is what is known… on a hazy summer afternoon when a striking ray of sun was falling just so across a rather dashing self-portrait of Robert Redd, it was noticed that the century-old painting that hung in the library of Robert Redd’s home had lost its luster to dust and smudging.  The once cool hazel-blue of his eyes now peered out through a droll gray, and the white shirt collar around his neck was yellowed.

“Robert Redd could use a little restoration,” it was declared.  In the hopes of recalling the buoyant sparkle to Robert Redd’s façade, the large painting was taken down with great care. To the surprise of many, a small door was present in the wall behind the painting, and tucked away inside were a variety of accoutrements, comprised of various trinkets, documents, valuables, maps and Redd’s insightful journals, spanning over a century of experiences, adventures and evolution. Of the leather-bound notebooks filled with the above-par penmanship of Robert Redd, he seems to have written his memoirs in no particular order, occasionally scribbling provocative words and phrases in the margins, and carefully drawing out the events of other days in meandering, lavishly detailed accounts. The incomparable happenings of Redd’s life are only now being properly strung together.

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