The Muse
The Muse
The Muse
The Muse
The Muse
The Muse
The Muse
The Muse

The Muse

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The Muse: This unique and limited edition line of printed tee-shirts are designed using the original Robert Redd prints. These shirts are numbered and only being offered in a limited edition.

These tee-shirts will be collectors items and are the perfect gift for any lover of Robert Redd. 

Operating on the family motto, “Extend Love, ‘‘tis what you truly are,” Robert Redd has brought the time-honored tradition of loving excellence into the production of all our garments.

The Muse is designed for the discerning woman who loves art and adventure!

Being offered as limited edition and uniquely numbered. Only 100 available of this specific design.

Robert Redd, Inc. is a family adventure and gift brand, incorporating storytelling and imagery into all aspects of the company's offerings. Our integrated literary approach results in a successful, synchronized message that differentiates Robert Redd from all other brands.

Robert Redd ("RR") is a Membership Driven, Multi-Tiered Subscription Direct To Consumer (DTC) platform, serving customers and fans with product and services that make up the Legend of Robert Redd and the Media Product Brand™ that is incorporated throughout.

The hero of our story Robert Redd, serves as the centerpiece of the brand. A man equal to all others, he is a lover, an adventurer and a smuggler of ideas. Over the course of his long life, Redd travelled the world and mingled with some of history’s most fascinating and influential figures.

Written accounts of Redd's travails, which our historian is validating and confirming, are believed to have mostly been compiled by Redd’s valet Johnny Wasser. Eventually, these were discovered in a hidden room, after having entered the private possession of Robert’s soulmate and great love, Lady Redd. The documents only became available to the public after her passing in 1999.

Through this discovery and the mystery that unfolds, the brand and the historian will reveal the legend with each new adventure Redd’s biographers uncover.

Founded in 2002, the Robert Redd brand is known for having developed products of exceptional quality. All apparel designs are based on four key elements: cut, color, style and story. These four elements are still prevalent in all of the brand's products today and will continue to be paramount to every product we introduce.

  • Cut: Designed with a classic construction for its products. All RR products are measured, constructed and cut/built for proper fit/use and created with high-quality, durable materials.
  • Color: Each color, stripe and pattern is custom designed, scrutinized and selected for RR.
  • Style: Our style harkens back to a more traditional application and feel, but always with a fashion-forward eye towards new techniques, colors and styles. RR reinforces the standard.
  • Story: The Legend of Robert Redd™ integrates storytelling and imagery in every aspect of the brand. As the consumer engages with the story, the greater the legend grows.

Since 2002, Robert Redd has sold legendary products and services, most notable the original REDD Shirt and spun yarns (and tales) across the globe. Look for RR to continually expand our product and service offerings in the near future.

At the end of the twentieth century, Robert Redd's manuscripts and personal effects were discovered hidden in a secret room, located behind a family portrait of Redd himself. These accoutrements, comprised of various trinkets, documents, valuables, maps and the insightful journals of Redd and several others, span over a century of the man's experiences, adventures and evolution.

Currently, these manuscripts are being faithfully researched and recorded by the company's Chief Historian and Creative Director in an effort to more effectively piece together the striking narrative of Robert Redd.

The History of a Legend

With a history as rich and colorful as Robert Redd’s, is it any wonder that he became a legend? Click on the right arrow below to learn more!


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