The Mystery

The Robert Redd Documents were discovered behind the portrait in the wall in the summer of 1999. Lady Redd was the last of the Redds to live. She died the previous winter. Her relationship with Robert Redd was essentially kept private for the many years that they were together and for what appears to be sometime after he passed away.

Along the way there were several other important figures involved in the Legend of Robert Redd. The least of which was Johnny Wasser his trusted Valet, his biographer it seems and the narrator of his tales from time to time… Also, there was Christine Wines, the faithful and dutiful housemaid who contributed in so many ways to Redd’s life. Seen and unseen, she made his life easier and provided some comic relief at times, as we shall discover together.

The Mystery unfolds with the magnificent discovery of the Robert Redd secret room, the Belvedere room in fact. It was Robert Redd’s hidden study, his own library and work room. Long since forgotten, except by a few, who like Redd were so private they didn’t dare disturb it or rescue it. Why bother. It was his life, it was Lady Redd’s life, who else should be included and why?

As this Legend unfolds we will bring this story to you, we shed light on the mysteries and the incredible life and Legend of one Robert Redd and of course his loving Lady Redd.

The mystery is only that and like all great stories, you must wait until the end to see the whole picture, to see the true color of things.